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NetCare Compliance Manager

Your Solution for Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
compliance manager
Keep Compliant. Maintain Secure.

Whether you’ve been asked to comply with federal and state laws, CMMC, industry requirements, vendor contracts, cyber insurance policies or the forensic investigation following a breach, NetCare Compliance Manager is here to simplify your life. NetCare Compliance Manager will help automate many of the compliance assessments, management, and documentation to help you reduce risk, reduce complexity, and save money.

With NetCare Compliance Manager, we sweat the details, so you don’t have to. NetCare Compliance Manager generates a dynamic set of evidence of compliance for each standard and security program we manage. These reports and more, will be generated monthly to show progression towards your compliance and include:

  • Customized Policies & Procedures
  • Technical Assessment Report
  • Technical Risk Analysis Report
  • Technical Risk Treatment Plan
  • Plan of Ac.on & Milestones Report (POAM)
  • Auditors Checklist