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Frequently Asked Questions
Figure out exactly what a managed service provider does and how NOF is a top-tier choice for your busienss.

We hope you find this page insightful and informative. If you still have questions about how we operate or if an MSP is the right choice for your computer and networking support feel free to reach out to us directly. We’re happy to help!

Your MSP Questions, Answered.

Managed IT Services is outsourcing of help desk, network, and computer support to a vendor. This includes installing monitoring agents on all systems to proactively identify and fix issues.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that takes care of a defined set of IT and technology management services for its customers, improving operations and can act as the client’s IT Department or augment existing staff. The NOF Team is an MSP.

Businesses of all sizes and industries use Managed Services for their IT needs, small to medium-size businesses use MSPs to focus on their core business while controlling costs, larger companies to augment their in-house IT staff, and companies that need 24x7x365 monitoring and alert will engage an MSP for coverage.

Absolutely! Cybersecurity is a key focus of NOF Technologies. We provide a variety of cybersecurity services that ensure your business, proprietary information, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected against cyber threats including Compliance Management services for NIST, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, and GPDR.

At NOF Technologies, we regularly conduct client business reviews for our managed IT clients. We review service data, performance analytics, ticketing information, and discuss your business goals to ensure we are providing a clear benefit to you and your company. Our goal is to have a transparent, effective customer relationship.

There are advantages to having a technical resource in-house to manage and support your computers, networks, and other technology systems. Having someone in-house allows you to hire someone with knowledge and experience in your industry specifically. We will be experts in your business like you are.

However, in-house resources can also be limiting. An MSP has additional resources, tools, experience, processes, and compliance standards that an in-house resource might be missing. Our job is to provide reliable support and IT services to ensure continuity of business for all employees, even your technical staff.

Yes. NOF does the majority of our work remotely to improve response times and resolve issues more efficiently, however, we know sometimes you have to be onsite to resolve issues. NOF is positioned to send technical staff onsite as required to resolve issues.

NOF Technologies can tailor IT security policies for your business, providing Cybersecurity testing, employee training, and ongoing reviews.

NOF Technicians are engaged in continuous training and certifications to ensure we are well versed with the most up to date knowledge regarding the tools and services we provide and support to our customer base.


Complete Peace of Mind

… that comes from the confidence in knowing you have enterprise-strength technology and a team of knowledgeable and skilled IT experts that are always working for your business.

Timely Help Desk Support

… from one of our IT experts that cares about your needs. We do not outsource our help desk, so when you call, a NOF employee answers and quickly responds.

Significantly Less Downtime

… with our proactive approach to preventing and stopping problems before they occur – keeping your staff productive at all times. We’ve got you covered.

Cybersecurity Focused

… with state of the art monitoring and protection tools, we work to keep you and your customers’ secured while meeting your industry compliancy standards.

Complete Peace of Mind
Timely Help Desk Support
Significantly Less Downtime
Cybersecurity Focused
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