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NetCare Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Preparing you, your team, and your business for impending threats.
cybersecurity team training
Empower you and your team to mount a strong defense against cybercrime.

More than 80% of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks. With NetCare Cyber-Security Awareness Training, we will empower you to mount a strong defense against cybercrime with a security awareness training solution that features phishing simula1on to enhance your employees security posture and cyber resilience to guard against phishing threats.

Cyber-Security awareness training gives employees the knowledge and tools to recognize, avoid, and report cyber attacks and security incidents. Commonly known as Security Awareness Training (SAT), our educational curriculum helps keep organizations secure by preparing employees for cyber attacks that make it past your technical controls.

Our Cyber-Security Awareness Training will include computer-based training modules covering common attacks and security incidents as well as phishing simulations to train employees to detect and report phishing attacks that reach their inbox.

At your disposal are reinforcement learning tools such as posters, infographics, newsletters, and games to provide a consistent drum beat of training to help keep security best prac1ces top of mind year-round.

Security Awareness Training

  • Pre-built Training Plans
  • Compliance, industry, and role based training
  • Custom Education
  • Gamified Learning

Phishing Simulator

  • 1000+ Phishing Templates
  • Simulation Types
  • Phishing Email Reporter

Reporting & Assessments

  • Dashboard Reports
  • Security Culture Survey
  • Assessments
  • Learner Analytics