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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Keep your business operational no matter the circumstance.
business continuity

Ensure Continuity of Service

Digital information has become the lifeblood of every business and is an increasingly important part of the value of all products and services. From the obvious: like law offices and engineering design firms, to the surprising: like construction companies and craft beer makers, businesses large and small are discovering that they have no business without their data. Have you ever considered how your business would fare without access to your critical data?

Where data has traditionally been centralized with the use of on-premises servers, the technology advances in cloud services, smartphones, and tablets is decentralizing data more and more. Technology evolution over the last five years has changed the data protection risks facing businesses. Ultimately, systems will fail and inevitably data will be lost.

To address the evolving risks and the increasing need for continuous access to data, NOF has developed a comprehensive business continuity strategy to not only keep your critical data safe, but to also protect your infrastructure. So when something goes wrong you can continue to focus on what matters most – your business.

We have both on-site and off-site solutions to protect your data so you can quickly recover it whenever you need it. We can also adjust your business continuity requirements in a manner that suits your budget so you can effectively manage your costs while still being fully protected and able to access your data right away.

Our Managed Business Continuity & Backup Service Includes:

  • Business Continuity Consultation: Our consultants work with you to assess and analyze your business needs to determine the right customized solutions that suit what your business requires while ensuring alignment with your budget.
  • Daily On-Site Backups: We can provide you with on-site hardware servers to act as an onsite back-up when needed.
  • Cloud Backups: We provide all our clients with cloud hosted, off-site backup and recovery solutions, so even if your business premise is completely destroyed, all your business and client information will be available when your business is up and running again. You can also access your data from anywhere using multiple devices.
  • Emergency Response Planning: Will provide your entire team with clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with a disruption, so in the event of any issues, your business operations continue smoothly.

Our backup and recovery solutions are designed to minimize downtime and get you up and operating as quickly as possible.