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NetCare Remote Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

Maintaining and Managing Your Most Critical Business Functions.
remote infrastructure management team
Don’t allow cyber threats to interrupt your business success.

(APTs) advanced persistent threats are attacking client’s infrastructure devices that are not properly managed and updated to protect against these attacks. Firewalls, switches, access points, and even some UPS’s (Uninterruptable Power Supply) are at risk. With NetCare Managed Remote Infrastructure Maintenance, Monitoring, and Alerting we will perform biannual review of your devices to ensure they have been updated with the latest firmware to protect your devices from these attacks and monitor these devices for online and offline status.

remote infrastructure cybersecurity process

Remote Infrastructure Management and Monitoring (RIMM) is the process of monitoring and managing critical IT Infrastructure (Firewall, Switches, Access Points, and UPSs) from a remote location with the ability to perform remedial actions to enable continuous availability.

Maintenance and monitoring of your business Firewall, Switches, Access Points, and UPS’s are essential to ensure you business is online, stays protected, and remains functional. With our NetCare Remote Infrastructure Management and Monitoring, we will monitor these critical infrastructure devices to ensure they are online and notify you when they are offline or experiencing connectivity issues. We include bi-annual maintenance which includes, but not limited to; appliance based backups, security patches and firmware updates, and configuration changes as required.