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Managed IT Services

Not your traditional IT Support.

NetCare is what makes us different.

The new way to do IT Services.

But what is NetCare and how can your business benefit from it?

NetCare is our pioneered system of remote monitoring and management that allows us to solve a problem before you even know that it starts. It’s Managed IT Services re-imagined. With constant 24/7 monitoring of all of your devices, we have thousands of system checks that pick up any potential issues. From account lock-outs to the health of your email and database systems, we know about it.

What’s even better is that we’re not the traditional IT support that comes to your office and takes over your computer for every issue. We do the work behind the scenes while you carry on with your day. That is, we intrude into your IT issues without intruding on you.

Managed IT Services & Support:

Our remote monitoring and support is provided in a variety of ways to keep you going all the time.

  • IT Asset Management: We keep track of all of the data that comes from any of the hardware you have in your business environment. Should you need to know which devices are older than a certain time period, which devices are still under warranty, or even which devices are running a specific version of a specific program, it’s no problem. We’ll have a report to you in minutes with the information you want.
  • Software Deployments: Need to install a new software product for your employees? We’ll make sure the installation is done quickly, uniformly, and efficiently. By the way, did we mention that we can keep track of all your product licensing keys? That’s right. No more losing licensing keys or knowing if you have enough licenses left. Even if you have software already installed, we’ve got all that taken care of.
  • Threat Management: Your machine is important to you and we know how much you need your work to be protected. We secure your machine first with cutting edge anti-virus software, and then top it off with an additional level of anti-spyware security. From your desktop to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about anything being maliciously harmed.
  • Patch Management: It’s similar to threat management in that it is an added level of security. We check your operating system and applications for holes in the design and patch these vulnerabilities up when they are found. It keeps you ahead of the game without even knowing it.
  • Network & Device Monitoring: We can discover and communicate with any of the devices in your business network. Even with something as simple as a problem with the copy machine, we can remote into it and properly configure it. You don’t want a copier to prevent you from doing your work and we’re happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to.

Bottom line is that we want your information technology systems to truly meet your needs, now and in the future.