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VoIP & Mobile Device Management

Solutions for modern era phone communication.
voip and mobile device management

Evolve Your Phone System

Our goal is to make your work environment seamless no matter where you are. With our approach to remote work, you take the tools and security with you. We will implement what is needed and nothing more, ensuring you can focus on your business rather than the IT.

Our VoIP Solution allows you to escape the traditional voice service providers and provides more capabilities than your average phone system. Some benefits in addition to excellent call quality are teleconferencing, video conferencing, auto-attendant, fax capability, call recording, and portability. Internet access is all that is needed to make and receive calls from multiple devices – including smart phones, which means you can make and answer business calls from anywhere.

Managing access to your company’s data on mobile devices can be simplified with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution. Our MDM solution has geofencing capabilities, allows you to manage applications, set and enforce policy, remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, track the location of devices, and can remove corporate data.

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