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NetCare Microsoft Cloud 365 Cybersecurity Review

The Safest Way to Utilize Microsoft 365 Effectively.
microsoft cloud 365 cybersecurity
Safeguard your organization with the best practice security controls across your Microsoft Cloud 365 environment.

Hackers are continuously looking for ways to attack and compromise your business. Your Microsoft Cloud 365 account, Users, and Emails are among the highest risk targets today for any business. To properly secure and protect your business, we will apply the proper licensing to secure M365 and minimize your risk through proper configurations, logging, monitoring, and alerting of risky users and potential compromise within your organization.

Critical Areas of Microsoft Cloud 365 Review

  • Portal Branding Options
  • Enterprise Application Settings
  • External Collaboration Settings
  • User Roles & Permissions Review
  • Global Admin Review
  • Trusted IP’s
  • User Review & Cleanup
  • Group Review & Cleanup
  • Device Review & Cleanup
  • MFA Enablement
  • Password Options
  • Client Help Desk Configuration
  • Disable Legacy protocol authentication
  • Risky User Assessment
  • Conditional Access Policy Review and Enablement
  • Reporting Configurations
  • Configuration of Threat Policies
  • Configuration of Alert Policies
  • Configuration of Managed Advanced Alerts
  • Configuration of Activity Alerts